3 Easy Strategies For Driving Traffic To Your Blog Without Google

Have you started a site and wondered why no one is coming? Have you optimized the site for SEO? Installed all the social media buttons? Still nothing?

Most likely, the problem is not you. It's probably not your content either. Chances are, you are probably putting out some really good stuff.

At one time, just creating decent content was enough. Not anymore. When I started #HowToStartaBlog around 2007, Search Engine Optimization and building traffic was relatively easy.

Don't get me wrong. You couldn't just throw any old piece of garbage up and start getting thousands of visits. But generally speaking, good content was rewarded by Google and other search engines.

If you created halfway decent content, it was likely that Google would notice and start sending searchers to your site. All for free! Ahh, the glory days.

So what happened?
I won't get into the specifics, but the what it boils down to is:

  • There are millions more sites online – and many of them are competing for the same content
  • There are millions more pieces of content
  • Website users have become picky


Bottom line is that there is a LOT of content on the web today. It's extremely difficult to compete, especially if you're starting from scratch!

Thankfully, there are other ways of getting visitors to your site. Good news is that for the most part, it's still free (or at least cheap).

1. Paid Social Media
These days, organic social media just isn't what it once was. Even if you have an audience of thousands, most networks will only show your posts to a small percentage of them. Depending on how engaged your followers are, organic (non paid) posts can be very effective. However, if you need to reach a much larger audience, paid social is the way to go.

Most big Social Media sites now have full-featured advertising platforms available to businesses. Some of the most popular ad platforms are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

The great thing about these platforms is that you don't need a lot of money to get started. It's possible to see real results for as little as $5.

Where to Start

Facebook is the most popular social network right now, os it's a good option to start with.

If you don't already have a Facebook page for your business, go ahead and set one up. It's easy enough to do that I don't think I need to explain it here. The one thing I will say is, make sure you make a page and not a profile. I've seen a lot of businesses make the mistake of creating a profile instead of a page. Not only is this a bad idea because you won't have business features, but it is also against the rules.

Once you've got a page set up, try publishing and boosting a post. Boosted posts are a great way to get started with advertising. They can drive traffic to a website, collect leads, get page likes, and much more.

If you want to dive deeper into Facebook ads, there's a lot of great info and learning resources.

I'd recommend looking into targeting and re marketing. In my opinion, these are the features that make it possible to create successful ad campaigns for relatively little money.

2. Commenting
Participating in the comments sections of other blogs in the same niche is another easy strategy for getting traffic to your blog without Google. By leaving a message with a link to your blog, you can make readers interested in the topic aware of your site. Don't just spam the comments section, though—share your point of view or information so readers see you as an expert with something to offer in the field.

3. Free Goodies
Who doesn't like free stuff? That's why offering some free incentives for consistently visiting your site can be an effective way of getting traffic to your blog without Google. For example, you might offer a free copy of your e-book or inside tips that aren't available on the site to readers who sign up for your e-mail list or weekly newsletter. Tailor your free goodies to your audience so they're enticing to your readers.

Driving traffic to your blog without Google can be tricky, but it's not impossible. Start with these three strategies and see how far you can get without Google.

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One thought on “3 Easy Strategies For Driving Traffic To Your Blog Without Google

  1. Emma Reply

    I’m finding I am having a lot of success with Facebook lately – driving traffic to my blog. I am getting the hang of which type of posts work the best. I’m also offering a free eCookbook giveaway to join my email list which is working well. I am conscious not to rely too heavily on Google traffic.

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