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Secret Recording of Bluehost Management Announcing Orem Closing

Big changes for BlueHost (A popular WordPress hosting platforms owned by EIG)were announced today. And an employee posted the audio and email screenshot.

A very interesting audio recording was just posted a few hours ago over on r/webhosting.

It seems that the Endurance International Group (EIG) have decided to make a major change at BlueHost. And today, BlueHost management made the bombshell of an announcement that they will be closing their offices in Orem, Utah.( And one of the employees present recorded audio of the whole thing!)

Here’s a link to the audio recording.

And here is the link to a screenshot of the email announcement.

Based on the reaction of the original poster, it seems like this was quite unexpected.

“That’s audio of Bluehost management telling all of bluehost that by October 2017 they’re losing their jobs in the Utah customer support side of things. Which is where it’s been since Bluehost first began.”

He goes on to explain that developers working at the Orem headquarters will be moving to a new facility in Salt Lake City.

He also said that all customer support and sales will be moving to Tempe, AZ.

where Hostgator and former iPage management is, and sounds like for now, customer server is going to be split between there for Phone support, and we can assume that chat support (if it remains as an option at all) will remain in Bangalore, India.

Employees were asked to stay for final 7 months at which time they will be given a severance package of one month’s pay, plus a week’s pay for every year they’ve been there. If they leave any sooner, they won’t get the one month of pay.

This is definitely bad news for the employees. Hopefully they will all be able to find new jobs.

I also hope this decision was made because there was no other choice, and not just to increase the bottom line.

Based on our hand curated host reviews, BlueHost have been struggling for some time now. So the are definitely in need of some sort of change. Hopefully this will help, but I can’t imagine how.

Here’s a link to the original post over on r/webhosting.