How to create a custom menu in WordPress

Most WordPress themes have a default horizontal menu that displays links your Pages. It is usually located somewhere near the top of the page. By default, this menu just grows in length every time you create a new page.

If you have a really small site site that only has a few pages, the default menu might work just fine for you, but if you have more than 8 or so pages, things can start to look pretty crowded.

Fortunately, WordPress has really nice system for editing and customizing your Menu (or Menus — some themes support multiple menus).

In this article, I'll provide step-by-step instructions for creating a Custom menu for your WP site.

  1. In the Dashboard, click on “Appearance” > “Menus” to navigate to to the “Edit Menus” page. Here, you'll see a list of all the pages you've added to your site so far.
  2. As you can see, these menu items are all out of order. To arrange them on the order you want (Here' I'm going to order them by number), all you have to do is drag each item into position.
  3. You can also easily create sub-menu items by just dragging one of the menu items over to the right.
    Ordered menu with Sub-menu item
  4. You can edit each menu item by clicking the small triangle on the right side and expanding.
    Editing menu items
    From here, you can change the Link text, title (optional), move the menu item up or down, or click “Remove” to delete it from your menu.
  5. Give your new menu a name for your menu and click the “Create Menu” button. Then if you scroll down to the “Menu Settings”, you'll be able to pick a location where you want it to show up.

    The theme in this example only has one location (“Navigation Menu”), but some themes will have several menu locations to choose from (like header, footer, right nav, etc).
    Click “Save Menu”, and your new menu will now be live on your site.

One last thing to note is that the box on the left side of the menu is for adding new links to your menu. You can add “Pages”, “Custom Links” (which can be anything), and “Categories”.

Enjoy your new menu!

Ask in the comments if you need any help or have questions.

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