I am a pebble, I want to trigger an avalanche


Probably soon robots will travel, conquer K2 and other highest peaks in the world. In winter, at night, the most difficult road – says Marek Kamiński in an interview with Monika Redzisz.

Monika Redzisz: Dear Fatherd gaining poles earth to the world robots and artificial intelligence seems quite far away and not obvious.

Marek Kamiński: INnot so far away. how himself couldwould spend. wondersLEM what could I do in my life?. I've always wanted to do things that I believe in that make sense to me. DI came to the conclusion that today the most important problem we are facing are climate change and environmental degradation. If further we will Yes follow, We can long on this planet not survive.

It is very important to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. I left only a trail behind mes skis. I asked so a question: CI canon today travel without a trace carbon footprint? Bto face this question, I organized in last year my first centuryelectric car driving, from Poland to Japan. transitionechałI 9 countries and 30 thousand kilometers in 144 days. As first pokonałem electric car Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Everyone said I couldn't travel even to Moscow. not to mention Siberia. "There is no charging station there" – they knocked on his forehead. ANDI like challenges.

PI applied to siberiaę on maps google 'and, withI saw the threadę light. Lights, cpower outlets. Since It was there electricity residalo only the question of how to get to himtake. It can be said that in this expedition I followed the light. I managed to cross Siberia thanks to goodwill people who give me this light, this one electricity made available. I had bigger problems in Japan, where charging stations were literally at every turn, andYou could only charge with a credit card issued in Japan.

Either way, uI proved that moYou can travel in such a way to save our planet.

Tabout what is the sense image orderhey similar expeditionss?

Marek Kamiński: By this world survived. we have to change habits. It's not just that to begin segregate garbage, but first and foremost not to produce them, i.e. live more sustainably. Myand next yourights will be held under the slogan "Power4Change ”- strength for change. Because to face such a challenge, We must have a lot of strength. this expeditionsand has three pillars: singularity, i.e. singularity (artificial intelligence), sustainability, i.e. sustainable development, and social empowerment. which is the strength of society.

IN what way Pthe journey of Asia will change our habits?

IN travel time Bedę collectsL declarations from people, nand an example: "I will stop driving a combustion car", "I will limit the consumption of plastic". "I won't eat meat for a month." And these are the declarations will be our fuel. BEdand convertedAD for kilometers, bI won't go further with them. If run out people Good will, I will stand still. I wantę show that the future of this planet depends on each of us, withe it is worth changing down transportat a low carbonego or the public. limit meat consumption. At the end on based on submitted declarations we will calculate the effects this trip in numbers and we will determine about how much we did it decreaseÆ emissionsę carbon dioxide.

How will people find out??

At the beginning of the year, we will start building the Facebook community and in other social media. It's quite a difficult task – to create a global and local project at the same time. Ludwig Wittgenstein said that the limits of my language are the limits of my existence. The project in Polish will only exist in Poland; in Englishskim will be more global. ANDHow do you make this trip work in local societies that we will pass on the way? This is an open question for now.

We will? Who will be Panu accompanied on travel?

Midfielder, NOA humanoid robot. Tabout itdreaming of artificial intelligence, in progress expeditions will have a lot on their minds. It will have sensors air, noise, pollution artificial light. It will be in every country we passe take measurements of air and water, withexamines the carbon footprint, checkandor the energy they use people, comes from renewable sources. or not. I would also like this NOA collected declarations and converted them into kilometers, she recorded the entire trip and after returning wrote a book about her. We are just submitting an application to National Center for Research and Development concerning modernego software that will enable her to do so.

Jhow will it be travel with a robot?

Test this! I will with him alone for eight months. For me, this trip is experimental futurology. pmake sure what it will be withwe mustIf the measure himself in the future.

I used to measure myself on the way with loneliness, now I will face the presence of the Other. I think this will be an interesting experiment.

Jwhich will influence me personality NOA? And what effect it will have on my psyche Mmy status also will be monitored. It will be the first robot trip around the world in history. what machine himself during it teach? We'll see. Probably soon robots will travel, get K2 and other highest peaks of the world. WITHname, night, the hardest way...

Marek Kamiński
Marek Kamiński and NOA (photo A. Traczyk)

The electric car symbolizes clean energy. But this is not entirely true. Jafter all, he goes on electricity, which yield so farwe eat primarily from coal. Pcar battery rationing is also not very ecological

We won't build right away world perfect and perfectly cleanhey energy. ANDYou have to start somewhere.

Podróżowanie at all is ecologically questionable. It ccommon hypocrisy today: "you areśms very ecologicalandand in a week flyimy on vacation to New Zealand. " And flyand. leaving behind a very long carbon footprint.

Of course. it would be better to stay home everywherenot walking, and preferably – not to breath. After all, life is CO emissions2. But nie dlet us bring matters to absurdity, nthis is not life. However, you can travel in the most ecological way you can. Least issue is surely railway transport. Jand unfortunately I have to patchÆ planes, and nie mand solar planes. Jhow else would I get for example. to French Polynesia, where I have next week lecture? It's not about going back to the Stone Age split – although I have friends who say they would feel best in those days. Jand I wonder if I would prefer to be a Neanderthal, andI'm alive today, and todayman is not to live more sustainably.

Believe Pthat we can change? Renounce so much convenience and pleasures – eating meat, holidays on exotic islands, driving a cheap, combustion car, using disposable plastic packaging?

Of course, one trip will not change situations, andI have to try. PeopleEsto they ask me if it's worth going to the pole, since the pole has already been conquered. I myself was at one pole of worshiptimes, on the other three. So is it worth continuing to walk? Thanks to the expedition with Jaś Mela to the pole, we collected over 700 thousand zlotys and bought prostheses for 60 people. Jasiek not only overcame the limitations of his body and mind, but also gave hope to many disabled people in the world. Because my answer reads: if you can help at least one man, it's worth it try.

What so personally differs for P.ana this trip from previous?

It has a completely different character. Expeditionand the pole was a sport trip, it was about breaking the record. Now it's different. This is not mine individual feat, is sharede venture all those who will take part in it. This social project. BArda I'm worried about it can I create a community than thiswill I leave the world? I'm just a pebble that want induce avalanche.

The world stayed Outdoor. What does today mean wouldyou traveler, explorer?

INI grew up on the belief that to be discovered the outside world. ANDle my trips have taught me that the most important thinge is crossing one's own own borders. With these trips it is a bit like with iceberg. Only the tip is visible the rest is under water. Roald Amundsen, conqueror of the South Pole. he wrote that the preparations for the trip were the key to happiness for him. robert Peary, conqueror of the North Pole that the expedition to the pole resembles a chess game in which moves are planned on 3 years ahead.

Pbefore heading to the North Pole, where I had 700 kilometers to go the frozen arctic sea, for months I was running around the Tri-City Landscape Park. pulling heavy tires behindsbecauseI sat preparing to pull a 150-kilometer sleigh at minus 60 degrees.

poles. Mount blanc, Amazon this only scenography. Jand tas forI really travel insideęoutdoorsno, and external journeys are only this manifestation. Because nthe greatest secret is hidden in ourselves.

Marek Kamiński
Marek Kamiński (photo A. Traczyk)

Marek Kamiński in 1995 was the first to reach both poles during the year WITHiemi, and in 2004 he repeated this feat with a disabled teenager Janek Mela. won Spitsbergen, Mount Blanc and Mount Gunbjorn. Greenland's highest peak. He crossed the Gibson desert in Australia and has over 4,000 kilometers trail from the tomb of Immanuel Kant in Kaliningrad to the tomb of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela. IN last year as part of the expedition No. Trace Expedition drove an electric car from Poland to Japan. Himself nfor Debian "traveling philosopher".

May 1, 2020 will begin a new journey: a trip around the world in an electric car with a humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence. Set off from london exactly bottom the Reforma club, the same one he was leaving from Let's go fileas Fogg with the novel "In 80 days around the world" by Julius Verne 'and. From Europe, it will reach Iran via Turkey (or Uzbekistanat). from there via Pakistan, India, China, South Korea – and (on board) reach the shore to Japan. whence Pacificiem will get into to the United States, and from the USA across the Atlantic to Moroccoand to be in London again.

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