10 Common Mistakes All New Bloggers Make

Common mistakes all bloggers make


Hello again this is Badi Jones and welcome to episode 26 of all things blogging. Thanks so much for joining me. I'm really excited about today's podcast is going to be a great topic. But first I just wanted to share a new tool that I've been using. Well relatively new. I've been using it for about five months now. It's called Wunderlist.com.

And basically what it is is a to-do app, and it's got an app for smartphones and it's also a Web site.

So the really cool thing about it is that you can make your notes and it will sync between your phone and wherever else you're using it (which can be anywhere you use a computer or have access to the Internet).

It's kind of like the notes application on Apple.

The main difference for me is that it actually works.

I've had a lot of problems with the notes app on iOS and that it doesn't sink when it's supposed to sync. So I'll make a note on a phone and try to come back and check it on my computer and it just isn't there.

Wunderlist is awesome because it's got this feature where you can create these to do lists and check items off. Each item can have a lot of kind of sub information. So you'll have spaces to put notes about things or even sub lists within a list. Lots of really cool things you can do.

I use it mainly for a content calendar and and just notes for ideas things I want to work on. I can keep a working list where I'll add ideas or maybe tweak things a little bit. I eventually use them to make podcasts episodes and blog posts.

So that's the tool for today and the other thing I wanted to share was a post that I just published on AllThingsBlogging.com and it's called “The 100 most popular sites that use WordPress.

You can check that out at https://allthingsblogging.com/popular-wordpress-sites/.

It's a really interesting list and thre are actually a few surprises in there. So check that out.

10 Common Mistakes All New Bloggers Make

OK let's go ahead and get into today's topic.

We're going to be talking about common mistakes that new bloggers make. And when I say bloggers, I mean bloggers / web site owners. I use the two interchangeably.

Mistake 1: Not getting your own Domain name

This is one that actually came across today and was a person asking a question about their site. They wanted general feedback. It was an amazing looking site and really attractive lifestyle blog.

I noticed that it was on a BlogSpot.com, which isn't worst thing in the world, but they had a really cool brand name.

I'm not going to mention it because I don't want anyone to go and steal it, but when I checked the domain name, I found that it was available.

So my advice was: even if you're not planning to you know put it on a domain right away, and you don't mind having mysite.blogger.com or mysite.wordpress.com, you should still go and buy that domain! Just so you'll have it. Because if you don't and you start blogging and your brand name gets well-known, there's going to be no time until someone goes and registers that domain. Just so they can squat on it, and hopefully have you buy from them.

So that's tip number one. If you've got a brand and you've got a blog get a domain OK.

Mistake 2) Not spending enough time to come up with a good topic

A lot of people will decide to start a blog and then they just come up with a topic they think they want to write about. Or maybe they just don't even have anything specific at all.

A year later they start asking “why am I not getting traffic?” and “Why is no one coming.

The reason is because if you don't research topics and make sure you're picking a topic that has enough volume or interest ( people that are interested in it) you're not going to have anyone coming to read articles. And that's not what you want.

When picking a topic you want something that has enough interest and that's popular enough. You also want to make sure that it doesn't have too much competition. So a lot of interest and not too much competition.

Mistake 3) Not making your contact info easy enough to find

This problem is more common with businesses. Specifically businesses with a physical address. I've seen it a lot, and it's one that's really frustrating for visitors. Especially if someone's looking for you and they can't find your address.

The the fix for this is make a typical “Contact us” page (like every other web site has). Don't put your contact info on about page or don't put it on the FAQs or somewhere else weird. Put it on your “contact us” page. Make sure it's formatted nicely, easy for mobile phones to recognize, and all that. Just don't make yourself hard to find.

Mistake 4) Setting an unrealistic publishing schedule and then not blogging consistently

When you start a blog it's really easy to get really excited and say “I'm going to make a new blog post every day!” or every other day or whatever it might be. But unless you're a really good writer, that's probably not realistic. And it's it might be a better idea just to evaluate things first. Maybe spend a week or two writing blog posts before you start your blog. See how much you can write. See how much you're comfortable writing.

If you can keep up whatever the pace is then go from there. Make a decision and just really try to stick to it.

If you decide to publish weekly, if a week comes where you can't publish, just make a quick note and say … “Hey. Sorry, but I'm going to miss this week because _____ happened, or _____ came up.

Ithink that would actually go a long way to keeping your readers coming back if they are expecting content on a consistent schedule.

Mistake 5) Creating articles that are difficult to read

This is all about using the right fonts and formatting to make your articles easy to read.

A lot of people skim first when the “read” articles. they don't actually open a link and then just start reading. They skim the whole article first, and once they've skimmed it then they will decide whether or not they're going to read it.

So if you've got articles where it's just a huge block of text, and all smushed together, unless someone's a speed reader, they're not going to be able to scan it quickly.

You want to make sure that you're.

Keep your sentences short and simple.

Make paragraphs short.

Use attractive headers and subheadings to break your ideas apart.

Use images every now and then.

Mistake 6) You aren't growing your subscribers

In other words you don't have a mailing list yet. And if you listen to last week's episode (episode 25), it was all about starting a mailing list. So I won't spend too much time on this one, other than to say that if you haven't considered starting a mailing list yet you should consider it. Even if you've heard that email marketing is dying or that hardly anyone opens emails anymore. It is still very much worth it.

So like I said if you're interested in learning more about how to started e-mail list, go and check out episode 25.

Mistake 7) Not adding social media sharing buttons to your site

These are the buttons that are usually at the bottom of a article, top, or sometimes along the side.

They usually say something like: “share this article on Facebook/ Twitter/ Reddit/ whatever the site is.

Everyone doesn't use these. I know I never use them but a lot of people do. And having your site shared on the social networks is a really good thing to have happen. So it's really good to just make it easy for people to do that.

And another item that goes along with this is: not adding your own social media profiles to your site.

A good place to have these profile likes is either on the side of your blog or at the footer of. Especially make sure to add them on your contact page and your about page.

Mistake 8) Not cross linking your articles

This is a really big lose if you're not doing this. If you have an article (This is an example), and it's about a certain topic, when you're done writing, think about other articles you've written or other posts you've written that you've written that are related.A dd a link at the bottom of the article that says “if you enjoyed this then you might also like this”

There are actually plugins that will do this for you. But I really think it's more effective if you can do it yourself. I mean if you're if you're short on time and don't want to try to do it yourself, definitely go get a plug in. But the point is to have something and the goal here is keeping people on your side as long as possible.

If someone comes and reads an article and there's nothing else for them to do/ they don't see anything, then they're just going to leave your site. But if you can keep that person on your site longer by giving them something else that they're interested in that actually sends a really good signal to Google. It lets Google know that whatever this person found on your site they liked.

If a person doesn't stay on your site long enough, this has become one of the main ranking factors for Google that they use to tell that people are dissatisfied with the site or a site is low quality.

Once that happens you start moving down in the rankings. That's not what you want.

OK we're getting short on time here but let's just move on.

Mistake 9) Failing to add a call to action

And that's a lot like number eight, because that little snippet that says if you like this then you know check out this article that is a call to action.

A lot of times people think a call to action has to be something like buy now or call now. But it can be anything. So think about the things that you want people to do and then add some calls to action.

Mistake 10) Failing to optimize for mobile visitors

A lot of people don't realize just how many people are browsing with the mobile these days. It's on average more than half, and for some types of sites it's like 90 percent.

The problem here is that when people come to your Web site and it's not mobile friendly, they have a really hard time reading and navigating your site. Text can be really small and not fit on the screen correctly.

Fortunately this is a really easy fix. All you have to do is get a plug in like WPtouch or if you use jetpack it has a mobile friendly feature.

If you are using a non-WordPress site, it's really going to be worth it to either move to a WordPress site, or pay someone to make your web site mobile friendly .

You can find someone to do that upwork.com or freelancer.com.

We're about out of time but I was going to add one more bonus mistake and we'll call it quits after that.

Mistake 11) Not adding Google Analytics to your site.

Google Analytics (for those that don't know) is a free web analytics service that's offered by Google. It tracks and then shows you reports for all of your Web site traffic.

If you install it right away, you can capture a complete picture of your entire Web site's life. And that is really important to have sometimes, especially if you get into a situation where you're maybe losing traffic or you're not getting as many visitors from google anymore.

It's good to know the exact date that something like that happened. And with analytics you have that history that you can always go back to see. And it also it's just so much useful information in Google analytics.You'll really want as much as you can get.

So we're definitely out of time. Now this has ended up being the longest podcast yet I believe. Not bad.

Really quick just wanted to remind you guys again to check out the new article I just posted it's called “the 100 most popular sites on the web that use WordPress” .And again really interesting list with some pretty big brands and sites you may not have known use WordPress. Again that's at https://allthingsblogging.com/popular-wordpress-sites/.

Also, if you'd like to help support the podcast, head to iTunes or Google Play store or anywhere you listen to this and give us a review. If you've got a comment or a question you'd like me to answer on the podcast. You can send me an e-mail. send it to podcast at all things blogging dotcom as usual thanks so much for joining me again. Hope you have a great week and I hope you'll join me next week for another episode of all things blogging.

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