TEST: Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner S502-00 – a miracle on wheels


I live with two dogs and an outgoing cat. None of these creatures have yet learned to wipe their paws by entering the house. Therefore, I am the owner of two traditional vacuum cleaners. Usually used twice a day. When the Xiaomi self-propelled vacuum cleaner was tested, I did not believe that it could handle the ubiquitous sand. Now I have to bark back.

In brief

  • Long battery life
  • Simple operation
  • Washing module
  • Very effective vacuuming

  • A bit loud
  • Small dirt container

A self-propelled vacuum cleaner that works best in a large apartment, without too many obstacles and curtains laid on the floor. The device is patient and effective. Mopping module for dried stains from the floor will not wash, but will collect the smallest dirt from the floor. Can be recommended to all those who live under one roof, e.g. with a dog that loses hair all year round.

With self-propelled vacuum cleaners it's a bit like money. They don't give happiness, but they make life much easier. Until now, I was skeptical about these devices. I always thought it was just a self-propelled version of a regular brush. Although manufacturers give suction power (in the case of this particular model it is 2000 Pa), but I made it more to the manufacturer's sense of humor than anything worth information. Something that has a tiny motor and an even smaller container for dirt cannot compare with a powerful Dyson vacuum cleaner that I use every day. And now I must say directly that I was deeply wrong. Because Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner has what neither Dyson nor I have – infinite patience. So the thing is not in engine power and suction power, but in a patient, like a Zen monk raking a stone garden, collecting dirt. In this Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner S502-00 is irreplaceable.


Chinese producer he packs all his products with incredible precision. This is not a regular cardboard box with a vacuum cleaner, it is a parcel origami. It's nice to look and then unpack. What's inside Of course, a vacuum cleaner, an additional HEPA filter, two mopping cloths, a water tank attached to the vacuum cleaner, a docking station, a plastic pad and a bit too laconic instructions for my taste.

A plastic round washer is necessary when using the washing option, and the vacuum cleaner will eventually charge, e.g. on a wooden floor or made of panels. Of course, you can detach the washing element and store it elsewhere. There is no remote control. And very good, because he probably would have died after the first week. The application on the smartphone is used to control the vacuum cleaner.

From the novelties in this version we still have an optical pressure sensor (in the previous one it was laser; in truth, a super smart sensor that detects tulle curtains could be more useful, because Xiaomi has a problem with it), which ensures that the vacuum cleaner will not get stuck where it will be for him too low. The environment mapping laser also works better, so this vacuum cleaner does not think that a black floor is a bottomless chasm.

Compared to the older model, there is a smaller docking station. In the older model, the power cable could be neatly rolled up and stowed inside the station. Now it can only be fastened with the attached tape.


Rounded shapes please the eye

It can be discouraged that Xiaomi, when designing its products, goes too far to good proven patterns, i.e. to Apple projects. Apple does not design vacuum cleaners yet, but if it did, it probably would look like a vacuum cleaner from this brand. Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner is nice. Just. White, smooth, shiny with a delicate red element.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

What draws attention? Looseness in the housing. But these are planned backlash. The vacuum cleaner enters places where it is cramped. Occasionally bumps against the walls. The white outer casing is therefore premeditated "loose". By lifting the device up, you get the impression that something is about to fall apart. It is worth remembering to avoid heart palpitations.

From below you can see a dirt container, a horizontal brush, a side brush and sensors to help the machine move. Remember to regularly empty the container and clean the HEPA filter as well as clean the sensors located on the bottom of the device. A container with water is also mounted from below, in which a mopping cloth is attached, fastened with Velcro.


The tested equipment was provided by MC-TECH, which prepared discount coupons especially for allthingsblogging.com readers. More information at the end of the article.

To work But with or without the application?

The vacuum cleaner has been tested with a fully charged battery. If you ever decide to buy this model, you can start by downloading the application Xiaomi Home for smartphone and connecting equipment to the home Wi-Fi network. In the store you will also find an application designed specifically for vacuum cleaners with Roborock series. It's just that I couldn't force her to cooperate in any way. She simply ignored the vacuum cleaner, saying that there was no device nearby.

But you might as well put the vacuum cleaner on the floor, press the button Power visible on the cover and wait for the machine to start fighting. Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner will go around the room, remember its surface and during the next vacuum clean it will play. And after installing the application, it will connect to it and send information about the room being vacuumed. And then you will realize how cluttered your house is.

Absolutely new and not used yet. After a few days of work, she doesn't look so pretty anymore.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleener S502-00 cleans with one horizontal brush and one small brush located on the side, whose task is to grab the splashes. These then go under the horizontal brush, from where they are sucked into a tiny dirt container. Really tiny. Therefore, an option for larger and heavily soiled surfaces I turn on the vacuum cleaner, go out for a walk it just won't work. Xiaomi does vacuum itself, but it has not yet mastered the option of emptying the container and tapping the HEPA filter. You have to do it manually.

Work – long and effective

It's not quiet. This is the first remark. I do not know if for each copy, but the one I am testing set by default had the operating mode Balance. And while working in this mode, the vacuum cleaner made a sound from about 61 dB to 77 dB (the intensity of the sound depended on the place of measurement – in the kitchen the vacuum cleaner "broke" more, which made me realize how uneven the tiles are located). According to the 70 dB volume table, it corresponds to the sound of a working vacuum cleaner, but we are talking about a tiny device. In any case – either vacuuming or conversation. Version – he vacuums in mode Balanceand we gossiping with friends is out of the question. Just like in mode quietbecause this one is just a little quieter. The most noise is simply the small plastic wheels of the self-propelled vacuum cleaner.

Xiaoumi Vacuum Cleaner
The iNVH application prepared by Bosch proves that a small roar can come out of a small body Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner.

Vacuuming about 100 sq m lasts almost … 2 hours. Long. But effectively. The effect is very good. For me, the most important thing is that Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner passes the test bare feet. On light floors, it is difficult to see with the naked eye very fine dust, which sometimes remains after vacuuming. You can feel it with your foot and you will definitely stick to it. After Xiaomi, the floor is perfectly clean. But on one condition. This happens when you use the mopping cap. Because contrary to what the manufacturer claims, Xiaomi will not wash the floor.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner
Wet mop trace on the black floor. As you can see, this is not a really wet floor. Don't count on him cleaning the floor. But thanks to it the smallest dust will be collected.

Do not wipe stains on the floor or clean the joints. It is just too light, and feeding the water onto the mopping cloth is too gentle. On the other hand, this cover perfectly collects dust and particles that remain despite the brushes running over.

When the vacuum cleaner drives around the apartment, it may seem to an outside observer that there is no logic in this movement. The application shows that it is completely different. Yes, the device has surprising moments, but it moves as you can see with sense.


Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner is very simple in everyday use. It does not matter whether we use the application or run the vacuum cleaner on the element. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all – we regularly clean the dirt container and pour out the dust that accumulates on the HEPA filter. Without waiting for the vacuum cleaner to remind us. A dirty HEPA filter ceases to fulfill its task. There is a second one in the set, so one can be rinsed and dried, and the other can be used. Just like the mop.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner
The application shows what elements are worth taking care of on a regular basis. By the way shows their consumption.

Secondly, the water tank is small and the holes for the fluid supply to the cloth are even smaller. It's worth to just wet it beforehand. You can add a small amount of floor cleaner to the water, or soak the cloth in water with the liquid. It's best to use the so-called low-foaming liquids, but this is not necessary. Simply pour a drop or two and shake the container to mix with water. And the mopping cover can be washed in the washing machine. If the vacuum cleaner is to stand on a wooden or panel floor, be sure to use a plastic pad. Even when you detach the cleaning element. The wheels may become wet and after a few days it may turn out that there will be an unsightly trace on the floor.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner
In one of the advertising materials I found information that the vacuum cleaner was equipped with numerous solutions to prevent hair from getting tangled. As you can see, they don't work.

During the work of the vacuum cleaner it is good to stop it from time to time, remove the washing element and collect dirt from the mop. It clogs the place where water is dispensed and, as a result, Xiaomi stops washing the floor. Two water regulating taps wear out. So there are two spare ones in the set.

Regularly remove the basic brush and clean it from wrapped around. If you hear any knocking, take out the container and the brush, probably something has fallen (needle, screw, hairpin) and is stuck inside. It is not worth waiting for something to be damaged.

What is wonderful about this device? Well, each element is inserted and removed very easily. Both the mopping module, which slides underneath, waiting only for two small clicks, as well as the main brush or dirt container. Although the dirt container just opens with some difficulty, you have to do it directly above the trash can. Only the replacement of the rotating brush and wheels requires a screwdriver. But these are not tasks associated with daily work with a vacuum cleaner.


Suction power:2000 Pa
Working time (max.):150 min
Dirt tank volume:0.48 l
Power consumption (during operation)42 watts
Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions (length / width / height)353/350/99 mm

Xiaomi Home application

It would be very difficult to use the equipment without it, but I didn't like the Mi Home app somehow. Maybe because it is begging that after mapping the room you can add them to the base, change its name and set a cleaning scenario for it. None of these things. You can specify the types of rooms, but you must add a device to each of them. And the scenarios themselves are simply turning on vacuuming at a certain time. The option we have three rooms on the same level, for each of them we set a different time and the mode of vacuuming is out of the question. It is also angry that the names of some functions have been translated, others not. This is surprising sloppiness. However, Xiaomi Home cannot be denied some usefulness. Shows the size of the rooms, battery charge, allows manual control or switching on vacuuming for a small area. There is also a user manual in the application, but movies in our country are not available. To sum up – you can easily put Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner on the floor and let it ride on its own. And in the application, check only the battery charge time and the status of accessories.

The vacuum cleaner has no beacons. This function is performed by the application in which we place virtual walls. In the illustration below you will see just such a wall. This is a red line visible on the room map. In addition, in Mi Home you can check the battery charge status, check the history, change the operating modes, or turn on the control using a virtual joystick.

Instead of a physical beacon or other obstacle – a virtual wall. Works very well.
Remote control option – it can be useful if you want to scare the cat.

Xiaomi Roboroc Vacuum Cleaner – for whom?

Before we get to who needs Xiaomi, a few words about what he can't. He doesn't go up the stairs. It is obvious. It cannot cope with delicate long curtains, as long as they fall to the floor and with thin cables and with nooks like the gap under the bathtub. It works very close to the walls, but the side brush is a little short and dirt remains at the junction of the floor and the wall. On average, it handles carpets. It collects thicker crumbs, leaves a trail of work, but this is not a device with high suction power, so for carpets, however, a classic vacuum cleaner is useful.

In return, it fits under the average height of the bed, travels around chairs and armchairs very conscientiously, squeezes under the tables. And he is extremely patient. It should not be the only vacuum cleaner in the house, but rather a complement to a traditional vacuum cleaner. And in this role it will work perfectly. Anyone who has a cat or dog (or cat and dog), small children, running guinea pig loose will appreciate the fact that at least once a day something will do the same. Almost. However, I warn you loyally, it is easy to get used to luxury. | allthingsblogging.com


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