What are the best streaming services that you should pay attention to?


In recent years, streaming services appear like mushrooms after rain. Almost everyone is currently streaming movies and series instead of watching traditional TV. There are so many streaming platforms now that the average user has a problem to decide which platform is right. You need to prepare for the need to acquire certain knowledge and to pay $ 10 a month for a basic account.

Below is a list of the best streaming services along with a handful of messages about each of them, which will allow you to make an informed decision as to which platform you will pay:


Netflix is ​​the father of streaming services and is still number one despite many other services that have appeared so far. On the platform you have access to tens of thousands of titles along with the original content of the site called Netflix Originals. Netflix is ​​a serious channel many times awarded for such projects as “House of Cards” or “Orange is the New Black”. The platform has also signed exclusive contract with Marvel TV. This is the best place to watch such series about superheroes as “Daredevil” or “Luke Cage”.

Netflix and its subscription options are relatively inexpensive. The basic option is $ 8 per month for a standard definition image available on a single device. You can pick it up to a high resolution image and two screens for $ 10 a month. The most expensive option is the cost of $ 12 a month, in which we have access to 4K ultra-HD video for four different devices. All options give access to a huge catalog of movies, series and cartoons. Netflix also works on other devices such as computers, tablets or gaming consoles.

If you want to rent a DVD with Netflix as it was done in 2010, this option is also possible. However, it is worth to read the content that will be streamed, such as all seasons of the Seinfeld series, which will be available on Netflix instead of Crackle.


Hulu was once a platform offering free content (with lots of ads). Hulu lost the fight against Netflix, but now returns with relief. The days in which you could stream movies for free with lots of ads are long over. Hulu now has a library of video materials comparable to Netflix at $ 7.99 per month. The options are generally similar to Netflix. The basic difference is original productions. Hulu currently produces movies and TV series comparable to Netflix such as “The Handmaid’s Tale”, which recently won the Emmy Award for the best sensational series as the first of the streaming platforms.

Another reason why you should subscribe to the Hulu website is that the series that are currently shown on classic television almost immediately appear on Hulu mainly thanks to agreements signed with television networks. What appears on television is available on Hulu within 24 hours. Therefore, the delay is virtually nil.


Let’s face it: the main reason for signing up for HBO Now is “Game of thrones”. If you are addicted to this series, like most viewers, HBO Now is the only platform on which all episodes of the series are available. HBO Now is also a great option if you do not want to pay for the costs of a cable television subscription, which is quite expensive. You may have heard about the HBO GO application that allows you to view online content. The problem is that GO requires an active subscription of cable TV while the NOW option is available to people who do not have TV access.

HBO Now is also the first version of the streaming channel service available in the cable network. It gives access to many other, apart from Game of thrones, materials such as original film productions, documentaries and other interesting series such as “Veep”, “Silicone Valley” or “Westworld”. New episodes appear an hour or even shorter after they are played on TV.

There is only one option to access HBO Now at $ 15 per month. You can sign up for a free trial through Google Play, AppStore or Amazon. HBO Now is not available on small devices such as smartphones because this is the HBO GO app. HBO Now is on many smart TVs, game consoles and Amazon Fire TV devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TV, Microsoft Xbox and PlayStation Vue.


Probably one of the most popular channels in the premium version alongside HBO is Showtime currently having its streaming platform. If you’re a fan of such series as “Dexter”, “Homeland” or “The Affair”, Showtime is the only platform where you can watch old and new episodes of these series. In short, you pay for a premium cable network without spending money on cable premium packages.

The package costs only $ 11 a month. The price drops to $ 9 a month if you pay for the channel through other services such as Hulu or Amazon Prime (remember that Showtime is available on other platforms only as an additional subscription). Showtime works on computers, smartphones, tablets and several other devices. You have access to all new series including the latest version of “Twin Peaks”. Award-winning films and documents are also available without restrictions on this platform.


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